Why 123HBOT prefers Summit-to-Sea hyperbaric chambers:

After more than a decade in the world of hyperbarics, the founders of 123HBOT continue to focus on what matters most ~ providing the SAFEST & BEST equipment, the BEST customer service, and the BEST prices.

Summit-to-Sea chambers offer all of these things, and 123HBOT is proud to be representing this amazing brand!

A Chamber for EVERY Body!

Our American-made, competitively priced chambers range in price from $6,995 to $19,995.   This line of chambers balances quality with functionality. We sell and ship chambers all over the world.  We also sell & rent chambers within the continental USA.

Monthly rentals are as low as $1500/mo.

*Tax must be added to any rentals, but not to purchases*

ALL of the Summit to Sea Chambers run at 1.3 ATA which is a true 4.4 psi (unlike some of the competitors that run at 4.2 psi)

**See bottom of page for available accessories – not required for chamber operation, but definitely appreciated by many users!**

Which chamber is best for YOUR needs?
We offer 7 different models, including vertical (upright) and 5' diameter (to accommodate wheelchairs!)
Check them out below:

The "Shallow Dive" - Our Most Economically Priced Chamber

Our smallest chamber accommodates most individuals.
$6,995     26″ Diameter
7′ Length     $250 shipping

Take a peek at the "Shallow Dive"

Affordable! Space Saving! Bright! 26" Diameter The Shallow Dive: $6,995

From Left to Right: The Shallow 26″, The Dive 33″, The Grand Dive 40″

The "Dive" - Our Most Popular Chamber for Home Use

This popular chamber can accommodate two average sized adults.
$8,995     33″ Diameter
7.5′ Length     $275 shipping

Roomy! Comfortable! Bright! 33" Diameter The Dive: $8,995

The "Grand Dive" - Our Most Popular Chamber for Clinic Use

This spacious chamber can easily fit 2-3 people.
$12,995     40″ Diameter
7.5′ Length     $350 shipping

Experience the roomy "Grand Dive"

So Roomy! Sit or Recline in Comfort! Bright and Spacious! Made for Self-Use! 40" Diameter The Grand Dive: $12,995

Room enough for a 6′ tall adult to sit upright comfortably!

*Nicole is NOT 6′ tall, though  🙂

The "Dive Vertical" - Patented Upright Design Allows for Seated Treatments

This upright chamber can accommodate a standard chair
$12,995     40″ Diameter Base
7′ Tall     $300 shipping

BELOW: Cat (5’9″) stands between the two vertical chambers for comparison.

Step into our upright "Dive Vertical"

Patented Design! Sit Comfortably! Bright! Made for Self-Use! 40" Diameter Base! 7' Tall! The Dive Vertical: $12,995

The "Grand Dive Vertical" - Patented Upright Design Allows for Seated Treatments and Has Room for Chair and Small Table, or Larger Chair than Smaller Vertical Chamber

This upright chamber can accommodate a chair, and a small table or medical equipment, such as an IV rack.  You can also choose to put in a large bean bag chair or small, comfortable armed chair.

$16,995     54″ Diameter Base
6.5′ Tall     $450 shipping

Step into our upright "Grand Dive Vertical"

Patented Design! Sit Comfortably! Bright! Made for Self-Use! 54" Diameter Base! 6.5' Tall! The Grand Dive Vertical: $16,995

The "Grand Dive Pro" - Designed with the Veterinarian industry in mind, the entrance is on the end, rather than the side, to enable you to roll in a gurney, cart, or wheeled crate. For humans, you can comfortably utilize a gaming-style chair as seen in this image.

Sit back or lay down in this roomy chamber that comes with platform
$17,995     46″ Diameter
8.5′ Length       $475 shipping

Relax in Style with the "Grand Dive Pro"

Sit or Lay Comfortably! Bright and Convenient! Made for Self-Use! 46" Diameter and 8.5' Long! The Grand Dive Pro: $17,995

Below: Our two largest chambers for comparison. The Grand Dive Pro (left, pressurized fully), and the Grand Dive Pro Plus (right, depressurized/open)

The Grand Dive Pro Plus -
Our BIGGEST Chamber Available

Our largest chamber offers the ability to treat ANY body.
$19,995     5′ Diameter
8.5′ Length     $500 shipping

Here's a quick look at our roomiest hyperbaric chamber

Wheelchairs! Stretchers! Reclining Chairs! 5' Diameter! The Grand Dive Pro Plus: $19,995

Taxes and Surcharges

There is NO tax on the purchase of medical equipment.
There IS a tax on rentals.
All payments made with credit cards will have a surcharge of 2%
Call for more info:

360-633-3900  OR  360-334-5464


“Summit to Sea is so confident in the quality and ergonomics of our products we offer an unconditional return policy. If, for any reason, you decide to return your product within the first 15 days from delivery simply call the Summit to Sea reseller you purchased your product from and they will gladly refund the purchase price of the chamber minus original shipping charges.

A full refund will be issued provided the chamber is received in its original condition as delivered to you. In the event the chamber is returned damaged, dirty or missing components there will be a charge to bring the chamber back to the original condition. The customer accepts responsibility for the cost of shipping the product back to Summit to Sea.”

YES! We accept Select Funding.

Find Out More

Medical professionals and clinics can now utilize Select Funding to purchase chambers and related equipment.  Click HERE for more information.