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Below, you will find video tours of all of the Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chamber lineup.
Keep scrolling to find helpful videos to assist with setting up and operating the chambers.

Chamber Tours and Comparison Videos

Comparing our 3 Smallest Horizontal Chambers

The 26″ Shallow Dive, the 33″ Dive and the 40″ Grand Dive

26" Shallow Dive Chamber

Interior of Shallow Dive Chamber

33" Dive Chamber

Interior of Dive Chamber

40" Grand Dive Chamber

Interior of Grand Dive Chamber

Vertical Chamber Comparison Video

Vertical Chamber Comparison Video

Interior View of Dive Vertical

Interior View of Grand Dive Vertical

46" Diameter Grand Dive Pro - Side Entry

5' Diameter Grand Dive Pro Plus

Chamber Assembly and Operation Videos

Initial Pressurization of Horizontal Chamber

Horizontal Chamber Frame Assembly

Attaching Horizontal Chamber to Frame

Attaching Bolsters to Chamber

Switching External Zipper to Internal Zipper for Self-Use

Entering and Closing the Chamber for Self-Use

Adding Supplemental Oxygen

Attaching Mask/Cannula to Chamber