Dental Conditions


Dental professionals are increasingly adding alternative adjunctive therapies into their practices to help patients prepare for and heal from invasive procedures. Many have found hyperbaric oxygen therapy to improve patient outcomes by encouraging tissue repair, preventing or treating infections, detoxifying anesthetics and heavy metals, reducing inflammation, priming the immune system and calming anxiety and fear.

Going to the dentist incites a sense of anxiety and fear for many people. Having teeth pulled, drilled, replaced, etc. can create pain, inflammation and generally wreak havoc on the immune system. Surgical procedures often leave large wounds in the mouth that can become infected easily and spread into the jawbone. Mercury-laden amalgams have been shown to slowly release heavy metals into the body over years and the removal of these toxic fillings is a very delicate and potentially dangerous procedure.

Hyperbaric therapy may help dental patients prime their immune systems before their procedures as well as help them heal faster afterwards. The increase in oxygen and pressure has been shown to help  prevent and fight infections, decrease or even prevent inflammation, create new blood vessels, rebuild tissue, calm anxiety, detoxify heavy metals, and much more. This is done at a genetic level by positively upregulating or downregulating certain genetic markers.