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Hyperbarics For Breast Cancer Radiation Tissue Toxicity

We see a lot of clients going through radiation treatments for breast cancer. One of the most common symptoms they find that really interferes with their quality of life is the tissue damage from the radiation. Tissue from the arm, armpit and the breast itself often become very swollen (lympedema), painful and causes the entire limb to lose function. Day to day life becomes difficult as the client is unable to perform basic movements. Luckily, hyperbarics can be a life changing experience for these clients. Even after just one or two treatments, they have reported increased circulation, improved function and decreased inflammation and swelling. Regaining the ability to grasp objects and lift their arms again is a huge step in their emotional and physical recovery. By delivering oxygen to the damaged tissues, the cells are able to produce energy to quickly rebuild the tissue and prevent infections.

To read more about how hyperbarics can help in radiation tissue damage, check out this link:

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