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I have a neuromuscular disease and the results of my hyperbaric treatments are so astonishing as to be unbelievable. I began treatments after over 10 years of steadily increasing pain, which no drug could relieve and massage could only relieve temporarily. Pain, often unbearable pain, accompanied every routine daily activity. I was steeling myself for every movement, still letting out a yelp or crying during a bad spasm. I could not sleep for the pain, which is what finally drove me to try hyperbaric therapy.

From the first treatment, the results were stunning. Within two days, I was able to stand up to use my walker without the customary accompanying pain in my leg muscles and joints. By the fifth treatment my constant shoulder, arm and hand pain had moderated to the extent I could hold a pen and write legibly, which had been impossible for months. Best of all, I was sleeping again. Hallelujah! After seven treatments, the pain, all of it, was gone. Gone!

The list of positive changes is almost endless. It can be embarrassing to talk about because the effects really do seem like a miracle. But, in the interest of urging others to try hyperbaric therapy, here goes….

Effects I’ve experienced:

Eliminated muscle spasms, joint pain, muscle pain, inflexible and curled fingers, incontinence

Increased dexterity, strength, stamina, tolerance for heat, sensation in feet, movement of feet

Effect on Activities (things I could not do before treatment)

Sleeping, extended use of eating utensils, chopping food, some fingertip control, writing, buttoning, picking up full glasses of water, dressing /grooming without pain, driving without pain, removing caps from bottles, resumed swimming, which I had given up 18 months before because of shoulder and neck pain.

R. Brown