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A Review of Hyperbarics and Cancer

For many years there has been debates regarding the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for use in the treatment of cancer. Some experts believed the excess oxygen would encourage the growth of tumors, others believed it would inhibit their growth. Science is always changing, but what we have found is that reviewing dozens of different studies and case studies, hyperbarics does not “feed tumors.” At worst, in some types of cancer, it had no effect; at best, in other cancers, it inhibited the growth of cancer cells and worked as a stand-alone or complementary treatment.

Here at 123HBOT, we have seen many cancer patients. For many, they saw a higher quality of life through their treatments and after. Hyperbarics reduced their chronic pain, brought down severe lymphedema (swelling), it helped them relax and stay positive and many even saw a reduction in their tumors.

If you or a loved one is fighting the battle against cancer, we would love to welcome you into our clinic. Talk to your oncologist about a referral and timing out some HBOT treatments around your primary chemo or radiation treatments.

Here is some further reading on hyperbarics and cancer:

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