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Hyperbarics and Combating PTSD

At 123HBOT Hyperbarics, we utilize mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy: our chambers reach the equivalent depth of 11 feet underwater at 1.3 ATA. This case study illustrates how mild hyperbarics helped permanently alleviate PTSD in a 25 year old veteran. To read about his incredible transformation check out:

Here is an excerpt:

“By January, 2008 it was estimated that as many as 300,000 servicemen and women from the current Iraq and Afghanistan Wars have PTSD or major depression, 320,000 have experienced a TBI, and 82,000 have all three diagnoses [1]. Treatment is available for PTSD and depression, but there is no proven therapy for the dual diagnoses of PTSD and the residual effects of TBI, the PCS [2].

HBOT is the use of greater than atmospheric pressure oxygen in an enclosed chamber to treat basic disease processes [3]. HBOT has been traditionally applied to certain emergent conditions and chronic wound conditions, but not to blast-induced TBI/PCS or PTSD. This case report is the first application of the authors’ low pressure HBOT protocol for chronic brain injury to blast-induced TBI/PCS and PTSD. An early version of this protocol was recently reported in an animal model of chronic TBI that duplicated the human experience.”