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“I have had ADHD as long as I can remember. Now one of my kids has it too. I wasn’t diagnosed back then- they just said I was hyperactive and lacked focus. School was a huge challenge. Window seats were the worst! I’m glad to have a better understanding of things, now that my son has been diagnosed.

For our family, medication is NOT the way we wish to deal with this. When I’ve had a treatment, I am able to focus on all the things I need to accomplish without getting overwhelmed. I am more productive at work, and I am happier overall. I call my treatments my “ME-Time.” Sometimes I can go weeks without needing any therapy, but when times get chaotic, I’m at 123HBOT right away. It really makes a difference.

Now I am bringing my son in for Hyperbarics. After 6 treatments, his grades went from “drowning and failing” to “Awesome & Beautiful.” I actually had a teacher call for a GOOD reason the other day. She said that whatever we were doing was working. He was participating in class and “his sense of humor was shining through”. He is no longer trying to hide in the sidelines of life. He is happier than he’s been in years! I wish I had started him sooner.”


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