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Re: Stephanie P. I discovered hyperbarics in 2014 and it helped by body heal during my postpartum pregnancy period. As I continued to do hyperbaric treatments, it helped me manage my inflammation symptoms resulting from trauma and a decade of antibiotic use. My body also began to hold its alignment after my chiropractic adjustments and I began to need adjustments less frequently. I even felt like I appeared physically younger and healthier. Then, after living in a place with mold issues, I was dealing with fatigue, burning eyes, and severe breathing issues and hyperbarics helped my body detoxify during and after living there.

Since trying hyperbaric oxygen therapy over five years ago, I have noticed improvements in my outward appearance, energy levels, anxiety, chronic pain, immune system function, and my ability to have deep restorative sleep.

Re: Liliana P.

Doing buddy dives with my 7-year-old daughter has helped her heal from a broken ankle, SPD, and trauma. At first, she was resistant to being in such a small space, but after a few dives she now says she likes it because “it’s cozy and warm” and she “feels like [her] brain is growing this big.”

Her food sensitivities no longer bother her. She has sensory processing issues and is very energetic with her sensory-seeking behaviors, and hyperbarics help her tremendously with relaxation.

After a dive recently, she even shocked me when she asked me for a massage, a type of touch which she has always avoided due to her SPD.

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