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Lyme and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

We talked about how Lyme spirochetes can hide deep in the body within biofilm, which is a filmy plaque-like substance that can hold dormant and active infections for years. Many of the uncomfortable symptoms of Lyme come from when the spirochete dies whether from the life cycle or when using a treatment. The bacterium releases a toxin called an endotoxin into the bloodstream, where it travels around and causes discomfort or full-blown illness, this die-off illness is called a Herxheimer reaction. Many people with Lyme Disease have compromised detox abilities so flushing out the endotoxins can be very difficult.

This is why eating healthy, drinking plenty of fluids and having a healthy lifestyle is very important. But, to help combat endotoxins, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be a very useful tool. Not only can the pressure potentially blast biofilm apart to expose the infection for treatment, it can also help push the endotoxins out of the bloodstream and tissues through to the detoxification organs for elimination.

Keep an eye out this week for some great testimonials of HBOT helping with Lyme!