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Here’s just the punchline (Click the link for full study!)

Results: In both cases, initial oxygen saturation readings were not obtainable in any of the fingers, which were pale and insensate. Both patients had 5 to 10 episodes of Raynaud per day. No change was observed during the first 10 treatments. After the 20th, it was observed that the episodes of Raynaud, which had been decreasing, had completely abated. Oxygen saturation readings became obtainable and improved slowly. At 30 treatments, both patients showed definite evidence of healing their wounds. Additionally, sensation returned to the tip of their fingers. At 40 treatments, their pulse oximetry readings were consistently 98% in all fingers, and there was a dramatic progress in wound healing. Therapy was stopped at 50 sessions. Approximately a year after hyperbaric oxygen therapy was discontinued, wounds remained healed and pulse oximetry readings continued to be 98%, suggesting that new capillary growth had been permanently achieved. New wounds did not get infected and healed rapidly. Though before their treatments, both patients had experienced a slow progression of their disease, no new symptoms had appeared. In fact, there appeared to be a regression in the amount of deposited collagen.