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Slow Healing Wound Recovery

Slow Healing Wound Recovery with Hyperbaric Therapy

Testimonial on Hyperbaric Therapy expediting wound healing.

Pictured is a wound sustained by an 18 year old male in a trampoline accident.  He suffered ripped tendons, a shattered knee, complete loss of feeling in his foot, and an artery that had to be surgically replaced.

The client was left with a large, open wound which left him bound to a wheelchair. After many weeks of failed wound care, the client began mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. After just 8.5 hours of treatments, his wound closed completely and he regained feeling in his foot. The before and after photos are phenomenal!

He was facing amputation prior to hyperbaric therapy. Within 3 months after his sessions, he was out of the wheelchair and walking with just a cane for balance.


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