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powerlifter takes gold.

Powerlifting with Hyperbarics

 “I have been using hyperbarics for over three years now based on a co-workers’ recommendation. I am forever thankful he’d recommended Hyperbarics to help aid in my recovery from workouts, athletic performance and stress from work. I’ve noticed a boost in my energy and my immune system, and my performance in my powerlifting competitions. Every time I’ve used the hyperbaric chamber in preparation for a powerlifting meet, I’ve lifted PRs and world records. In turn, the few times I did not use the hyperbaric chamber prior to competitions, my performance was significantly less than desired and my recovery was longer. In fact, I recently traveled to Las Vegas for the WABDL World Bench and Deadlift competition where I placed first in multiple categories with a 376 lb bench and 534 lb deadlift (both were PRs and world records). I primarily attribute my performance to using the hyperbaric chamber twice a week for one month prior to competing.

Some additional benefits to using the hyperbaric chamber for me were in one month: quicker recovery time for a shoulder injury, getting rid of the eczema on my scalp (which was embarrassing and painful), overall inflammation in my body reduced, clearer skin with less redness in face, and more comfort in flying with my ear pressure because I have been able to clear my ears more easily.

Thank you so much 123HBOT Hyperbarics! The staff are knowledgeable, kind, positive and respectful. When asked, the staff provided additional reading material on the benefit of hyperbarics. I constantly talk about the benefits and the impact of using hyperbarics to everyone I know!!! If you are looking to improve your athletic performance, better skin, more rested, and quality of life, then 123HBOT  is the place to go.”– A. Howard

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