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In early 2020, this client came to 123HBOT Hyperbarics with a staph infection at the site where a mole had recently been removed. The client reported that a round of antibiotics hadn’t made any improvements at the time of her first treatment. She stated that she had very little pain outside of occasional stinging sensations. Directly after her first treatment, she reported that the wound appeared less weepy and swollen. The client was treated the very next day and also started another round of antibiotics. After her 2nd treatment, she reported that her wound site looked smaller and the surrounding swelling was down further. When the client came for her 3rd treatment the next day, her arm showed much improvement. She was treated for 2 more consecutive days. After her 5th treatment, her wound was closed completely, the swelling was gone and only some redness remained. She reported that her face was doing much better.