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I had been smoking at least one pack of cigarettes a day for 52 years.
At 75 I had begun to cough and spit up phlegm all day and night. I knew I had to quit smoking but did not have the will or power to go through the long withdrawal process.
Then on the 20th of February, I knew I had no choice but to quit – I remembered Hyperbarics and thought to myself this was worth a try.
I went for two one-hour sessions – all was well but no big change – I still was determined to STOP smoking for at least a week. Then after my 1st, two-hour session magic happened.
I stopped coughing – my body felt cleaner – I had NO withdrawal and my will to stop forever was there.
Now after 10 hours in the chamber I have had so many wonderful changes.
NO Coughing
No Withdrawal Pains
No Phlegm
No Desire to Smoke – Deep inner pride that I have conquered this habit of smoking.
I have my powerful breath back – no shortness of breath AND energy – Can walk up and downstairs
No Brain Fog
Have my Equilibrium Back
Will and Passion to make more changes in my life

Thank you 123HBOT Hyperbarics