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Imagine you’re in the ocean happy and free. The blue waters tranquil and at peace, the sun shining down on your skin, a friend and a safety net. The waves are gently lapping against the rocky shoreline, tapping a gently beat, a rhythm that your heart can imitate while you float on your back happy and connected with the earth. Now imagine out of the blue you see a big wave taller than you. Fear courses through your body and you swim as fast as you can for the shoreline, but you’ve suddenly realized you’ve lost it and all you can see is water everywhere. Your heart pounding like a stampede of elephants two seconds from crushing your chest you fight and fight your body coursing though the water like you were born to swim. Hearing the wave approaching you, getting closer and closer, you can feel the water now dragging you backwards but still you swim. Knowing it’s useless, you can’t out-swim the wave, no matter how hard you fight, no matter how much adrenaline is stampeding though your body. Still you fight because you don’t want to be swept up and drowned to death. Fighting for 2 minutes 2 days or 2 weeks you don’t know how long you’ll be going for you just know that your brain is screaming at you to swim, run, go faster. Eventually you tire out your both physically and mentally exhausted and you lose. Feeling the wave take you under its depths not knowing which way is up or down, around and around you go fear and terror your only companion though it all. Not knowing how long the wave will last or how long you’ll survive you hunker down and survive as best you can. Suddenly you make it out the other side, free and so wiped out you don’t know if you will die from exhaustion anyways. Slowly the wave passes, and it takes the fear along with it. Back in the slow-moving waters you can breathe again. Here comes the sun back to guard you for however long until you’re safe again.

Now imagine it wasn’t an ocean that did this to you but your own mind that entrapped you within it. Fear and anxiety your only friend no matter how much you hate them. There the only thing you know, the only thing you can believe and count on 100%. This is what having an anxiety attack feels like from my perspective. Therefore, I have been looking for ways to cope or at least healthier ways to cope with my anxiety disorder that makes everyday life debilitating and exhausting to live with.

When I heard about  Hyperbarics, I knew I had to try it and I’m so glad I did. it. changed my life for the better. Healing the anxiety from my chest it’s no longer so difficult living day to day. I can now leave my house, go shopping, eat food, and shower without it being an undo-able task that on a bad day I wouldn’t be able to get done. It makes life a little bit easier without all the side effects of pills. So, thank you 123HBOT Hyperbarics for turning my life from impossible to just manageable and even at times fun and a life worth living. You have a customer for life with me and I hope my story helps other people even a little the amount that the Hyperbarics Chamber has helped me in my life.