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HBOT and Stem Cells on Diabetic Wound Healing and Angiogenesis

This study done in 2018 used several parameters to study the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy alone and in conjunction with stem cell therapy to track the effectiveness on wound healing and angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the production of new blood vessels. Results found that HBOT alone increases the healing time of wounds, and produces new blood vessels. Combined with stem cell therapy, HBOT significantly increased angiogenesis, up to 14% more than the control group.

These findings are significant for diabetic patients! There is hope for recovering non-healing wounds and increasing circulation to these areas where inflammation has caused a lack of blood flow and oxygenation. These therapies can improve the quality of life for diabetic patients by healing inflammatory damage and potentially preventing loss of mobility and function in extremities.

To read the entire study check out:


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