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Hyperbarics and Combating PTSD

There have been some phenomenal advancements in the study of hyperbaric therapy to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in veterans and civilians alike. Here at 123HBOT Hyperbarics, we see many PTSD clients and have seen some amazing improvements. If you would like to read some case studies, check out this study:

Excerpt from article:

“Damage to the hippocampus and limbic system appears to be important in the development of PTSD, the postconcussive syndrome, and postdepressive syndromes.20,21,24 The hippocampus is uniquely positioned among the vascular territories of the posterior cerebral artery, anterior cerebral artery, anterior choroidal artery (a branch of the internal carotid artery), and penetrating branches of the middle cerebral artery.25The rich collateral blood flow to the hippocampus and limbic region is a therapeutic target. Damage to the surrounding microvasculature and endothelium in the injured tissue increases capillary permeability and displaces fluid to the interstitial space. Increased interstitial osmotic pressures force fluid into surrounding cells which results in concomitant intracellular edema.12,24 Intra- and extracellular edema together promote hypoxia, cell death, and tissue ischemia. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy counteracts the vasogenic edema complex of edema, hypoxia, and vasodilation by acting as a robust vasoconstrictor.7,12Vasoconstriction reduces blood flow to edematous tissue and effectively reverses the hydrostatic pressure gradient to favor lymphatic and microvasculature fluid reabsorption. Reducing vasogenic edema improves venous outflow and ultimately restores functional vascular flow.6